Hello!  Thank you so much for visiting my page and considering some of my ideas.  The idea of Perennial Wisdom has intrigued me since high school when my conscious journey to explore spirituality and health began.  My favorite discussions of it can be found in the writings of Ken Wilber.  Essentially it involves the concept of each of the world’s religions and/or indigenous cultures holding pieces of a unifying Truth.  I believe that there are as many ways to know God as there are people on the earth; and more accurately, moments in time.  Look for posts to come about how I experience or define God, and the authors and works which have influenced my work.

My studies in world religions and spirituality began in my early teens.  I was raised Roman Catholic and became Episcopalian at age 34.  The stories of the mystics were a tremendous comfort to the highly sensitive, intuitive woman I was becoming.  I studied major world religions in high school and found myself particularly drawn to Buddhism.  Religious Studies was my major in college, and presently I am working towards a Master of Divinity.

Prayer and movement were fundamental to my spiritual, emotional, and physical well being.  Beginning in high school and college, I studied the martial arts, yoga, Tai Chi; and became a Reiki Master Teacher which have all deeply influenced my work and world view.  I have practiced and facilitated meditation, and find it to be a foundation to leading a balanced and manageable life.  I practice using the Christian Centering Prayer, Vipassana, and metta (Loving-Kindness) meditation styles, and stream of consciousness journaling.  Meditation increases self-awareness, which grows compassion and wisdom.  Understanding ourselves in all moments, even the ones we would rather skip over, brings a richness and depth to our complex human incarnations.

I was 20 when I became a Reiki Master, and four years later I added certification as a professional massage therapist.  In addition to bodywork, two years ago I began my clinical training in healthcare chaplaincy and completed a Master of Divinity in December of 2019.  For the last 17 years and counting, it has been an inexplicable honor to be present with my clients, patients, and loved ones for births, deaths, transformations, unimaginable suffering and loneliness, uncontainable joy, and everything in between.

For years I have wanted to write books, and share my observations.  But, the more I read, the more patterns and similarities I saw, as though there was somehow a finite amount of Truth in the world.  One evening an epiphany hit me: just the way that a perennial flower blooms year after year from the same plant, each season that it blooms it is equally valuable and brings its own unique delight to all who encounter it.  (See the picture of my irises!).  Just so, writing about similar subjects and ideas when encountered in a particular time or circumstance, written in a singular style still has tremendous value to those who it is meant to touch.  So here we are, in this moment, the perfect moment…

May peace, love, laughter, joy, and abundance be with you always, even in places when they are only hopes or memories.

Love Gina 🙂

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