Safety and Comfort

“Beloved Source of Security: I wish for the total freedom from all forms of destructive fear.  In its place, lead me into the freedom of surrender.  You hold me while I grow, and in this confidence I release anxieties about my life- its survival and success- and trust you with my unfolding story.  Amen”

Author Peter Traben Haas Centering Prayers: A One-Year Daily Companion for Going Deeper into the Love of God featured as an opening or closing quote for Centering Prayer in the Center Prayer App developed Contemplative Outreach.

The question I am asking myself and those with whom I am conversing in this time are

            “In your circumstances, in this moment: what do you need to feel safe?”

            “In your circumstances, in this moment: what would feel most            comfortable for you?”

Safety and Comfort.  Those are the qualities I am choosing to prioritize and support right now.

That is going to appear differently for each person, each day.  We never really knew that we were always, already living this way; but now moment to moment, and day to day living is at the front of our national and global consciousness and “new abnormal”.

Meditation teaches us to stay gently and attentively with each moment as it ebbs and flows in our minds, emotions, and bodies. It builds a familiarity with the range of our inner experiences as we live and react to life.  I am feeling grateful for having an inner solitary practice on the roller coaster of life, which is allowing me to live in peace and compassion with myself and others right now.  I am feeling especially grateful for my bubble of privilege, and that of those close to me.  I am mindful of the other sides of peace and privilege.

Generosity and support are neck and neck with tragedy and trial.  It is both.  It is the complicated miracle of human incarnation and community.

Prayer stories from the Bible, such as the prayer Jesus taught His disciples, reminds us to ask for “our daily bread” (Gospel of Matthew 6:9-13).  When the Israelites were living in exile in the desert, the Lord sent manna from Heaven to feed them every day anew, just enough, day by day for exactly what they needed (Exodus 16:4). One of my favorite meditations shared earlier by Buddhist teacher Tara Brach, called opening and calming calls us to be mindful of this breath… now this breath… now this… now.

What do you need to feel safe and comfortable in your personal circumstances on this particular day? 

Who or what is supporting your senses of safety and comfort? 

Who or what are you having more/less time for that you are particularly grateful for; or missing the most right now? 

How can you express that gratitude or desire in a loving, compassionate, creative way?

What image or movement best depicts release from fear and anxiety, and resting in the comfort of the Holy?

Thank you and link to the beautiful featured photo!

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