Breathing Lessons from Brother Omid

Dear Friends,

Lately in busy-ness and stress I needed a spiritual director to remind me to just get on the cushion and sit.  Just show up knowing that God is always, already waiting to sit and breathe with you.  Let yourself be breathed.  No effort, no generating of solutions and answers, no expectations other than to get to the next breath.

Please read this article on Breathing for life, and as prayer and communion with God by Omid Safi:

Today as I struggle with aggravated asthma symptoms, I am aware that many people struggle to breathe daily, not only due to pollutants in their air, but also to tension, tightness, restlessness and fear.  The transformational power of breath to re-center and ground us can be our greatest gift; but sometimes sitting in the center of all we have worked so hard to distract ourselves from can feel like a punishment….Until we try it.

The fear of getting lost and consumed by pain, worry, and discomfort can keep us from the sweet release of surrender to the source of comfort and solutions.  Omid speaks of asking God not only how to pray, as Jesus modeled for us, but also, how to breathe.  Please know that a commitment to conscious breathing can open a world of healing, expansiveness, and connection to the loving and creative force always around you and always within.  That Spirit of God moving in and through our bodies will will guide and direct our next breath and next steps.

If you are living with trauma, it is most advisable to seek a trained professional therapist or spiritual director to breathe with you and process that which is uncovered. Even if your trauma was not on a life-threatening scale, having a professional caregiver with you can expand the efficacy of your mindfulness and spiritual practice by working with you to unburden some of the weights which press in on your heart quite literally.

May the nearness of God be at the center of your heart, mind, and choices as you move through relationships and the world around you.



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