Prayer for Times of Tragedy and Trauma (from an Admittedly Christian Perspective)

God of the Wounded and the Healed

God of the Guilty and the Innocent

God of the Dark Night and the Shining Day,

You exist at the intersection of all extremes

In this tumultuous human journey.

We come to you broken into pieces,

On a painful and uncertain path,

Moving forward whether we feel ready or not.

During our journey

On the unexpected, hard road of grief,

Help us to know that

Like our ancestors in the wilderness,

You are providing for us

Day by day,

in the ways most meaningful for each of us.

Open our eyes and soften our hearts

To reorganize, and make space for

The new ways you will live and move among us.

Oh God, Remind us that

You are breathing our next Breath

When our lungs collapse in grief.

You can Touch the places inside us

Too jagged and tender to handle on our own.

You are the Bread of Life

When our appetites are lost, or hunger becomes a mindless distraction.

You are the Light which beckons from the other side of the door

When we cannot bear to get out from under the covers.

You are the soothing water mixing with our tears,

Blessing each one of them.

Holy and Resurrecting One,

Accompany us on the winding way to wholeness.

When we fall into despair,

Shine a glimmer of resilience.

When we realize we have had moments of joy, productivity, and optimism,

Keep us free from the harm of guilt.

Guide our Hearts and Minds only to Yourself.

In the name of the One who was lost to Death and found in Life

Who has both gone before us,

And remains deep within us,

Now and Forever.


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